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A message to our left-leaning readership (if such persons even exist):

So, you decided to put some thought into politics!  We at Right Wing Nation Salute you. With all the fervor surrounding America’s presidential election as of late there is a great deal to be considered: much to cogitate and ruminate.

Well, good for you!

The initiative it takes to become informed and better yourself through involvement in the political process should never be disparaged or discouraged.

But now you need to please do yourself a favor: calm down.

Put down your Spiced Pumpkin Latte, remove your thick-framed glasses and give your eyes a much needed rub. Take off that ghastly pork pie hat and relax for a second. Let some cool wind clear your head. But most importantly: close off every social media page on your phone this instant.

Just… close them. It’s time to just take a second, breathe and do a little reading.
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