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Another Step Closer to an Orwellian Despotic Utopia.

With recent Liberal tactics of information retrieval from the private bank accounts of Canadian citizens coming to light [1], it comes as no surprise whatever that the laughable recent online ‘Public Forum’ on Firearms Ownership was actually Bill Blair’s personal looking glass into the homes and minds of Canadian gun owners.

You may recall that Bill Blair, former Chief of Toronto Police (from 2005 -2015), was forced to step down from his position by The Toronto Police Services Board after a series of unbecoming “incidents” (namely, the G20 and the investigation into Mayor Rob Ford.) He proceeded to reinvent himself as a politician with the assistance of the Liberal Party of Canada in 2015, despite his tarnished record.

Appointed in 2018 to cabinet as Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction (a ludicrously named new portfolio invented during the government of Justin Trudeau), Bill Blair has always been a vocal and highly biased opponent to firearms ownership in Canada. He recently revealed that all information retrieved from the online poll, including the ‘personal comments section’, has been recorded alongside the I.P. addresses of every individual that voluntarily took the “anonymous” government survey. [2]

This, of course, means that anything the Liberal Government and their gun-grabbing RCMP Thought Police (Thinkpol) can misconstrue from your anonymous words and answers can and will be used against you. They now have full licence to do so and apparent impunity for their actions. They know who you are, much of what you think, where you live and how much money you earn and save. They also now know, with no uncertainty, your personal opinions on firearm ownership and confiscation.

Lazy-eyed, a crooked smile stretched wide across his face (looking more like a stroke victim or a corpse every day), Bill Blair must be privately dancing a jig in his dusty old police uniform, medals jingling and jangling. How are people not outraged and rioting in the streets over this farce? Why are we not demanding justice, accountability and impeachment for these gross invasions of privacy? Oh yes, it’s because we’re docile, bovine and subservient Canadians. Evidently we’ll trade liberty for a controlled, sedate existence, ignoring the iron heel, the boot stamping on our faces—forever. [3]


Brought to you by our in-house Editorial Cartoonist and the NFA

Oh that good ol’ ‘U.N.’…

Just a fun little cartoon brought to you by the National Firearms Association of Canada’s publication, the Canadian Firearms Journal, illustrated by RWN’s own editorial cartoonist.

As many of you know, the UN has been discreetly attempting to convince member-nations in the West to disarm their civilian populations, all the while turning a blind eye to the true perpetrators of mass gun crime.

The NFA have been actively attempting to address the UN, fighting for the firearms rights of Canadian citizens.