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With the idiotic hypocrisy of our government signing the UN Firearms treaty, we’re happy to share another editorial by our in-house cartoonist – courtesy of the National Firearms Association of Canada and the Canadian Firearms Journal.

Just a quick note of thanks to the National Firearms Association for giving us a shoutout in the most recent issue of their magazine ‘The Canadian Firearms Journal’.

As of late, they have started featuring editorial cartoons by Right Wing Nation’s in-house illustrator Enfield 303, the first of which can be seen on page 30 of the May/June 2015 edition.

 photo NFA Cartoon for RWN_zpsff7mephn.jpg

We at Right Wing Nation cannot stress enough the importance of joining groups like the NFA, and are greatly appreciative of their unyielding, relentless work towards protecting the rights and freedoms of average Canadians.

Please visit their website and take a moment to consider purchasing a membership if you have not already done so. It is groups like the NFA that we have to thank for the dissolution of the long gun registry and the continuing fight for firearms ownership rights in our great country.

You can find their hompage here: