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Maple Leaf


Just a quick word from us on this national day of celebration.

We here at Right Wing Nation wish you and yours a very safe and happy Canada Day.

In this day and age of social media and the proliferation of anti-national misguided activist sentiments such as ‘upside down Canadian flag’ profile pictures and images of graffiti mocking the national anthem with attempts at colonial guilt citing “Canada, Our Home on Native Land“, it is truly uplifting to see the throngs of Canadians still filled with such patriotic pride.

Traditionally, ‘Canada Day’ was originally known as ‘Dominion Day’ and was the anniversary of the British North America Act of 1867. The BNA Act created the ‘Federal Dominion of Canada’ by setting up our own governmental system in the Empire, creating our House of Commons, Senate and Justice System. [1]

On this day in 1867, we were no longer just another colony. The BNA Act set us on the path to a bloodless and peaceful transition to one day forming our own nation.

‘Dominion Day’ was swapped out for ‘Canada Day’ in 1982, when the Canada Act was passed in British Parliament, ending the necessity for our ‘requesting’ amendments to our constitution from the Government of the United Kingdom.  We were finally a complete and self governing nation.

So with that in mind, have a fantastic Canada Day.


God Save the Queen, 

Our loved Dominion bless,

With peace and happiness,

From shore to shore;

And let our Empire be Loyal, united, free

True to herself and Thee

God save the Queen.

Red Leaf