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Canadian firearms owners rejoice!

After thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of letters flooded government offices in opposition to the reclassification farce involving the SG550 and CZ858 sport rifles in Canada by the RCMP, Conservative Safety Minister Stephen Blaney has announced that those rifles are now re-classified, returned to their original classification of non-restricted.

For those not in the know, this means these rifles are no longer ‘prohibited’, that they can now be taken out of their safes and bunkers and can once more be fired both at certified ranges as well as rural areas that are classified as “firearms safe”. Gun loving Canadians are reveling in the victory. Online stores are having ammunition sales of rifle-specific sizes and Facebook is being flooded with pictures of SG’s and 858’s emerging from the cavernous depths to which they were banished when the RCMP issued their draconian dicta stipulating that owners of these rifles had a certain amount of time to surrender them for destruction.

Swissarm and CZ

SwissArm and CZ858 in all their evil glory

The power hungry bureaucrats of the RCMP firearms program have been forced to eat their own hats, so-to-speak. They will be sent back to the piles of paperwork they use to justify their existences, their lofty paycheques still clutched in hand. But further changes are in store for them; their usefulness and job security will again be threatened by the announcement that Bill C-42, the Common Sense Firearms Act, is coming into play. The Safety Minister has announced formally that this too shall come to pass.

Balney 1

Minister Blaney showing off his firearms license

Yet again, we, the gun owners, are making the RCMP bureaucrats sweat, shooting down their illegal attempt to change restricted firearms laws. For those not in the know, the RCMP were attempting to make it again more difficult to transport firearms. They ideally would have had restricted owners carrying paperwork to and from firearms ranges. In addition, the RCMP would have liked to see gun owners obtaining an extra authorization to transport their arms to gunsmiths. Ever more redundant paperwork, an endless queue of phone calls to the RCMP for ‘permission’, and a steadily tightening noose around the necks of firearms owners. A bureaucratic nightmare. This is what the RCMP had hoped eventually to bring about.

This all backfired immensely for the RCMP. For now, beginning September 2nd 2015, all a gun owner will require for authorization to transport their actual P.A.L. license… nothing more, nothing less. I, for one, am stoked about not having to sit on the phone with the office of the C.F.O. listening to that hellish elevator music interrupted by random ridiculous gun facts…


♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ …”Did you know, pointing a loaded gun at your face is a bad idea”….♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩


I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but…

On the other side of the coin (and somewhat of a concession), it is now harder for first time shooters to obtain a firearm . Instead of being able to challenge the firearms test for a reduced fee, individuals will now have to undergo a full weekend course, dishing out a considerable amount of cash for the privilege of being able to eventually buy a gun.

The majority of firearms enthusiasts probably don’t care about this, seeing as how they already own guns; they likely view it as minutiae, as trivial. But the wise understand that discouraging young gun owners is a step backward. It means fewer individuals in the pro-gun camp in the years to come.

When the Liberals implemented extreme changes to gun laws in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, a lot of complacent firearm enthusiasts were content simply to comply with the new prohibition laws. They, themselves were exempted from them if they already owned the soon-to-be prohibited firearms. They received a Prohibited License for their inconvenience, so all was right with the world.

However, gun owners like myself, too young to own firearms or fully appreciate what was going on at the time, are now exempt from ever owning a large variety (I would estimate approximately 40-50%) of sport shooting firearms. The changes significantly decreased the assortment of firearms that could be legally owned. Firearm owners of the day played right into the hands of gun-control advocates. Slowly, the controlling factions made it impossible to own a gun, one little baby step at a time. And with a whimper, not a bang, we all complied.


Sorry James Bond fans, never gonna happen in Canada … unless you owned one before the great purge of ’78


Hey wait a minute, Isn’t an election coming up…?

That being said, I am still happy with the reclassification of the SG550 and the CZ858, as well as the A.T.T. changes, but I have no illusions, the concession of now having to dish out more time and money to actually ‘get in the game’ is going to hurt us in the long run.

It is worth noting that there will be an election in October. I can’t help but feel skeptical that the Conservative government was more than happy to put this bill on the back burner in January when a deranged Islamic terrorist attacked parliament. It meant that they could conveniently push it through closer to the election in attempts to garner the vote of the 32% of our population who are gun-owners.

But at this point, who are we kidding? Both the NDP and Liberals are super-staunch supporters of gun-control, and worse, are virtually all advocates of the complete outlawing of firearms. So really, who do we gun owners have other than Harper to vote for? If you are a gun owner, the Conservatives are your only choice to protect your rights and property, so DO IT.

Two steps back, one step forward

I would love to be able to say that these recent changes are a case of two steps forward, one step back, but, when you really think about it, the RCMP took away our firearms by making them illegal, then attempted to push the agenda further by making it more difficult to transport our firearms. The public outcry only managed to win back our guns, giving us the original limitations we previously had for our licensing.

The RCMP came out on top by succeeding in making it harder to actually become licensed, before ever owning a firearm. In short, the bully stole our 3 dollars of lunch money and was forced to give it back. But, after an ear twisting, he only gave 2 dollars back. Add to that the fact that the Conservatives got a black eye by both the NDP and Liberals, drawing serious attention to certain fabricated lies about fully automatic weapons and squirrel hunting in Toronto [1]. The Conservatives ended up looking like Gun-Nutty Republicans once more.

It might be happy days for gun owners now, but the price may be dear, indeed, in the future. If Mulcair or Trudeau get in, we could see one hell of a reversal. It won’t be two steps back, one step forward, but simply three full steps back… and a lurch into the abyss.

Common Sense Official





Being a politician can be hard work…

It takes hours of dedication and sorting through piles of paperwork to educate yourself on every little important detail of every bill that comes across your desk. In order to legitimately and responsibly make an informed decision on the important laws that will impact the society you have sworn to serve, you really have to dive in and know the facts.

That’s why politicans are paid the big bucks, right? You’d think, wouldn’t you…?

Now, before I begin, I want to elaborate that this is not a ‘gun article’, this article has nothing to do with Bill C42, new revisions to the firearms act or firearms in general.
This article has to do with incompetence, ignorance and the fact that our elected officials tend to coast through life with a six-figure income, paid for by Canadian taxpayers, with little to no worry of retaliatory action when they don’t follow through on their end of the bargain.

Before we get to the heart of the issue, there are a few things about Bill C42 that the reader needs to know in order to understand the bigger picture.

I will do my best to outline, without delving too heavy into the boring ‘gunnie’ side of things, but here are the bullet points. Keep in mind, both pro-gun and gun control activists have problems with the bill, so consider C42 an unbiased example in this article.

To keep it simple, the 3 key elements of the Bill, also known as the ‘Common Sense Firearms Act’ include:

1. Changes of ATT (authorization to transport) permits back to what the laws were prior to 2014 when the RCMP, without permission from government, changed the laws to be more complicated and involve more paperwork. Despite any changes to the ATT, any restricted firearm (i.e. a handgun or short barrel rifle), can only be transported to and from your home, to a range,  gunsmith or other RCMP authorized area… nowhere else.

2. Merging of the 2 different types of license: the POL (Possession Only License) and the PAL (Purchase and Acquisition License). Truly, all this does is get rid of paperwork. Every POL and PAL license holder will still be on file and bar coded by the RCMP, they will just be lumped together for ease. POL Licenses are simply an outdated form of a PAL, intended for anyone who had owned a firearm for the last 20 years. It is simply updating the system.

3. A six Month Grace period after expiration of Firearms License.
This simply ensures that responsible firearms owners have more time to pay for and renew their licenses. Penalties for firearms owners in breach of conduct are extreme, and in life we all know personal situations arise. With the active length of a firearms license being 5 years, it is easily understandable how it might slip a firearms owner’s mind to renew their license on the exact date of expiration. This change in the Bill simply makes sure that CSIS and the RCMP don’t kick in your grandpa’s door and cart him off to a deep dark prison like a terrorist when he forgets to renew his R-PAL (that he only has so he can hold on to his World War 2 era Webley revolver).

There are many more changes, but these seem to be the ones that are most inflammatory. Thats about it. Consider yourself informed. You can find countless outlines, bullet point articles and infographs on private websites as well as government ones. And unlike many other prominent and controversial bills recently, this one is fairly straightforward, simple and easy to understand.
(For an even more detailed run-through, check out Rod Giltaca of Civil Advantage and his excellent video on proposed C42 changes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nabb_mf4Xhs)

So, with that in mind, no “machine guns”, no greater ease of transport, no evil doers able to use this new bill to commit crimes and nothing in regards to greater numbers of weapons in our urban centers.

Let’s see what our politically elected (NDP) decision makers, the cream of the crop of our society, and the individuals who we trust to seal the verdict for us have to say in regards to Bill C-42:

Selected comments made by opposition members at C-42 3rd reading:






Alain Giguère, NDP, Marc-Aurele-Fortin 

Farmers who want to guard against foxes do not need a machine gun. We are talking about a fox. Could we agree that some firearms are dangerous, that they should not be owned by just anybody and that regulations are needed? Anyone who goes duck hunting with a machine gun capable of bringing down a MiG probably has a problem between the ears, and it is perhaps a good thing that they cannot get that type of weapon.”

Here we have talk of “machine guns”, which I am going to assume means ‘fully automatic’ weapons. No fully automatic weapons are remotely mentioned in the bill and no fully automatic “machine guns” are under the slightest question of the possibility of being made legal by any stretch of the imagination. Obviously this elected ‘official’ has yet to read the Bill, or even to take the time to skim it.


Adam Vaughan, Liberal, Trinity – Spadina 

How does making it easier to bring a gun into the city, easier to travel around a city with a gun, and easier to use a gun in a city, where no one is hunting ducks, no one is hunting raccoons, and no one is going after the squirrel population, make our cities safe?”

If the reader took the time to skim over the beginning of this article in regards to the ATT, they are obviously better informed than this Liberal elect who seems more interested in listing different types of cuddly creatures than doing his job.

Tyrone Benskin, NDP, Jeanne-Le Ber 

We expect people to register their cars. There are serial numbers on cars. Automobiles are things that are used for useful, peaceful purposes. Guns are made to kill. Whether they are made to kill animals in hunting for pleasure or they are made to kill humans, they are made to kill.”

Again, Bill C42 has nothing to do with eliminating firearm registration. Do your job Tyrone. Just showing up and spouting gibberish doesn’t cut it, or at least it shouldn’t.

Randall Garrison, NDP, Esquimalt – Juan de Fuca 

What we are talking about here is that when the police stop someone, under Bill C-42 that person would not have to have an authorization to transport the weapon in the car, but they could automatically talk about five different categories of places they could be transporting that gun to. We are not talking about the law-abiding sport shooter. We are talking about the ability of the RCMP to enforce the laws against illegal transportation of guns on those who are in fact interested in gun violence and crime.”

Even under the new Bill C42 proposal, restricted owners would still need to carry authorization to transport, it would just be in the form of a card, not sheets of papers. If you had done your job and read the bill proposal Randall, you would know that. You CAN read, can’t you Randall?

Adam Vaughn, Liberal, Trinity – Spadina 

Do the Conservatives not believe that there should be restrictions on selling ammunition, particularly in urban centres where it is not used for any rational purpose? No one is hunting squirrels in downtown Toronto that I am aware of.”

Bill C42 will not change the policies regarding the sale of ammunition. You will still need to show a PAL to be able to purchase ammunition. Apparently squirrels are more important to Adam than details of the bill he is tasked on debating.

Pauline Ayala, NDP, Honore Mercier 

I am very concerned about that because there are so many weapons out there. On one hand, the government talks about national security, and on the other hand it allows weapons to be transported without much oversight.”

I am very concerned that Pauline is a position to make national policy and yet cannot take the time to even remotely begin to understand what she is talking about.

Robert Aubin, NDP, Trois Rivieres 

The main objective of this bill is to pander to a minority of firearms owners for whom safety is an afterthought. True to form, the Conservatives are driving a wedge between Canadians in different communities. I urge all members to vote against this dangerous and ineffective bill.”

Apparently I’m a pretty important part of this Bill…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the voices of your elected officials…

Now, I dont know if this is blatant ignorance, sensationalization of the facts in an attempt to curry favour with the leftist population, a problem with literacy, auditory difficulties or just a laissez faire attitude (truly not giving a damn about understanding the proposed bill), but these comments are the equivalent of a grade school student answering a teacher’s math question with the word “purple’ – and sadly, to the applause of his peers and confederates.

Welcome sir! Would you prefer a seat in the NDP or Liberal Party? Let’s get you a signing bonus ASAP!

You would think that possibly these leaders would have taken the time to earn their paycheques and actually know the proposal through and through. However, as indicated by Mulcair’s Twitter feed, he is just as in the dark and as prone to sensationalization as his flock. Not only does he vocalize a complete and total misinterpretation of the bill, but he then proceeds to deflect the realities of the scenario. He attempts to adopt a false ‘heroic’ stance that posits the ‘protection of women’ by throwing out a plethora of trigger words… what a farce.

A well earned paycheque right there…

The fact that he mentions ‘Ruger’ is so utterly laughable.

“Mr. Mulcair’s staff later acknowledged the transportation rule changes don’t apply to that gun, a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic rifle. The bill “has nothing to do with the firearm used during the tragic crime committed at Polytechnique,” argued Jean-Christophe de Le Rue, a spokesman for Mr. Blaney.” (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/conservative-reforms-to-gun-licensing-laws-widely-panned/article21965172/http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/conservative-reforms-to-gun-licensing-laws-widely-panned/article21965172/)

Again “Purple”. Well, at least he didn’t mention Pterodactyls this time.

And let’s not forget that Mulcair was the first to demand armed bodyguards after the fateful terror attack on parliament hill, he claiming at the time that he would hire his own armed men if the government did not provide them when he saw some ‘suspicious looking’ young men outside of his home. I guess this just implies that his family is more important than the average Canadian’s…


Strange but not surprising behavior from an egoist who initially tried to join the Conservative Party and was rejected in 2007 (http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/john-ivison-mulcair-asked-for-conservative-cabinet-post-before-joining-ndp-tory-insider), something he rarely tends to mention.

And not to mention Justin Trudeau’s ridiculous ad campaign gaffe that was caught by FactsCan and called out as sensationalist propaganda by Canada’s leading watchdog on false political claimances bordering on the illegal:(http://factscan.ca/justin-trudeau-bill-c-42-would-allow-handguns-and-assault-weapons-to-be-freely-transported-even-left-parked-outside-a-canadian-tire-or-local-hockey-arena/)

A blatant alarmist lie…

No Sir, no ‘House of Cards’ political intellect going on up here in the Great White North.

In conclusion…

When was the last time you were at work, being paid to do your job, and you just decided you didn’t ‘feel’ like it? You suddenly were no longer inclined to perform your duties and decided to disregard your responsibilities. What would happen if you completely ignored your employer and simply sputtered out a string of peculiar and unrelated sentences when you were put on the spot about your conduct?

Well, the difference between You, I and these Members of Parliament and the Legislative Assembly is simple: you and I would be (rightfully) dismissed, whereas these government employees simply laugh it off and saunter on home with their six figure paycheques. Maybe instead of worrying about raising the minimum wage, the NDP should be more concerned with a disgruntled public decreasing their wage. Then and only then would these people actually show up to work and properly carry out their duties.

Another day, another dollar, another job well-done.
I think this photo, courtesy of the private facebook page of newly elected NDP MLA Deborah Drever of Calgary, Alberta just about sums it all up…

Yep…that’s about right – F#%k Canada. Now take our money.

Does anyone else see a problem with this?
No…? Just me…? Alright then…