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At the recent Green Party policy convention, the membership voted to make support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel official party policy. Much has been said about this in the media and by various political talking-heads, but as an ordinary Canadian who strongly supports the state of Israel and is passionately opposed to BDS, I want to put my thoughts on record as well.

I firmly believe the BDS movement is nothing more than a vehicle for anti-Semitism. It seeks to censor and blacklist innocent Israelis without cause. It sides with the terrorists and regressive Islamist fanatics who deny Israel’s right to exist. It is blatantly discriminatory. It is not an appropriate vehicle to achieve a two-state solution with Palestine as its proponents purport; instead it is a direct attack on the only secular liberal democracy in the Middle East, an island of freedom in a sea of tyranny.

Canada’s Greens are on the wrong side of history on this issue. In February, Parliament voted strongly in favour of a motion to condemn any groups or individuals that support BDS. The motion was introduced by the Official Opposition Conservatives but received significant support from the Trudeau Liberal government.

At a time when the Green Party is on the cusp of a potential breakthrough under a reformed electoral system, it should be transitioning into a practical political party. Instead, the far-left membership commandeered the ship and voted for a policy that has sent moderate members packing and threatens to undo any progress made under Elizabeth May’s leadership. Even Ms. May herself has said she doesn’t want to lead a party that supports BDS and is reconsidering her own political future as a result. You know something’s wrong when the party leader can’t even stomach this policy and local riding associations across the country are shutting down.
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As the 42nd General Election began, those Canadians who were weary after nearly a decade of the Harper government and ready for change stared off into the distance and saw the orange-hued promise of a New Democratic Party government in waiting. As they made the long, arduous, 78 day trek toward Election Day, they got a closer look and realized what they had seen was merely a mirage.

How the NDP went from being Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition with a record 102 seats following the 2011 election to returning to their historical third-party place in both the House of Commons and the minds of the Canadian electorate is a question that will be examined by pundits and politicos for years to come. There are many theories as to why and how this occurred but I believe I can provide unique insight from my own personal experiences with the party.

In the 2015 federal election I attempted to seek the nomination for the NDP in the riding of West Nova, a beautiful part of Nova Scotia where I’m proud to have grown up and have deep roots. Before Canadians had cast their ballots however, I had left the party due to stark disagreements with their core ideology, clashes over values and policy with their most ardent acolytes and my appalling experiences during the nomination process. Before I get to that story, I first want to explain how the NDP initially seemed appealing enough for me to attempt to seek public office carrying their banner. I will then explain why they are not what they claim to be and how they lost my confidence and ultimately the confidence of the Canadian people.

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