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Just in Time for Halloween…

With the already in progress C-71 (backdoor gun registry and increased loopholes for legal Firearms owners in Canada) and upcoming ‘review’ on restricted and handgun ban in Canada, former RCMP MP Bill Blair is currently targeting law abiding gun-owners with a campaign of sensationalized villification and political smearing. With the recent Liberal platform/showboating of legalizing marijuana as a step towards an individual’s own personal rights and freedoms, their move to attack legal gun owners by ‘scaring’ the Canadian public has taken a place on the back-burner. With Bernier splitting the vote in regards to the upcoming election – possibly handing another in-power Liberal government to Trudeau on a silver platter, idiocy like this is becoming a more realistic farce every day.
Do your part – Join the NFA, Sign petitions, write your MP. Do something!