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Whenever I stumble across the mindless propaganda of cultural apathy, that is, politically correct nonsense championing limitless immigration, seemingly without restriction, I feel the familiar disgust that so often suffocates me, like a filthy plastic shopping bag stretched tight over my face. I feel an overwhelming rage course through me; I feel saturated by it, by the words of the ubiquitously arrogant, greedy people who subscribe to doublethink. On this particular day it’s to be found within the Sunday edition of the Calgary Sun. I am shocked to discover a nasty bit of Liberal political propaganda subverting my right-leaning copy. I refer, specifically, to an article written by a “Liberal Strategist” and former Dalton McGuinty drudge by the name of Jim Warren.

Warren, quite obviously a ‘progressive’ (and undoubtedly a Neo-Marxist), has penned a troubling article entitled ‘Liking the new immigration policy’ that nicely encapsulates the sickening Liberal tendency urging open borders in Canada. Seldom have I read such a concise and blatant endorsement for Canadian mass Immigration. Seldom have I seen a summation that so casually, yet purposely touches upon so many of the mentally ill statist proponent clichés masquerading as truth today.

Warren launches in with an explanation of the new “and bold” Liberal government initiative to increase the number of immigrants allowed into Canada over the next three years. “One Million new immigrants will be admitted during that time”, a breathtaking number almost beyond belief. Yet the CBC confirms it, with almost hysterical enthusiasm, as the news is released [1], so I know it must be real.

The cause of this, Warren goes on to say, is not the election of Justin Trudeau and his merry band of fool Liberals. Rather, the grounds for the necessity, he explains, is faltering Canadian demographics. He explains that in 2015 senior citizens (those aged 65+) outnumbered children (beneath 14 years old) in Canada. This population gap invariably necessitates a migrant increase in the decades to follow, according to StatsCan.

And this upsurge in the aged naturally portends fewer people entering the work force, fewer people paying staggeringly high income taxes, and still fewer people “generating income to support more retirees whose life expectancy is longer than ever before”. For Liberals it always comes down to the money (yours and mine, not theirs) that necessarily must be spent, the social programs and the wealth redistribution for the benefit of the have nots, in this case, the elderly. Elder Canadians have a standard of living that they have come to expect, and we daren’t disrupt their utopian fantasy, even if it is ultimately destructive to everyone. The elderly, of course, are not the real demographic requiring drastic financial support, only the most politically correct. Let us look to the Natives, the homeless and… recent immigrants… for the real beneficiaries of the welfare system’s benevolent hand.

Making matters even worse, Warren persists, the [unwise] people of Canada are inexplicably “choosing” to have fewer children. They are “tending to be older and waiting longer than ever to have children. That’s if they decide to have children, as fewer and fewer Canadians are choosing to have children”. Such a mysterious phenomenon; he gives no explanation as to why this could possibly have come to pass. It’s just a fact, he seems to be affirming, impossible to change, like the waxing and waning of deer populations in nature or, in Liberal terminology, the melting of the polar ice caps due to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. He seems to imply that Canadians just aren’t fertile enough to have kids somehow.
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