2 comments on “The Fury Of Intolerance

  1. We know that the AHRC will RUN with this. They need to keep busy or they loose their funding and on an individual basis may get laid off – so when anything comes up……. The Edmonton store keeper needs our support in this, not just a temporary outrage by us which is soon forgotten while he is dragged through the courts by his own countrymen and left destitute. Once again I state, we can’t waste energy being outraged at these foreigners demanding that we change – we need to loudly voice our outrage against the fools in charge that are allowing it.

  2. This is sad, wearing the burqua is a political statement and goes against our Constitution. The wearer is stating they follow Shiria Law which goes against our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The KKK garb stands for the same thing as the burqua….oppression and violence. A store owner should have the right to refuse service if he feels threatened since the burqua is part of Shiria Law which stands for violence since it explains how people (infidels) should be punished under this barbaric law. The burqua should be banned in Canada! The burqua does not stand for multiculturalism it stands for multinational and is a political movement not cultural!

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