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  1. Trudeau has to go. If he’s so concerned about these people he should go to Syria and take all of the selfies he wants. He’s the most uncanadian prime minister ever.

  2. Justin Trudeau, whom I have absolutely no respect for, is a brainwashed idiot and only wants to bring this influx of refugees in for his own selfish benefits. He’s bringing them in only to collect votes and protect those votes for future elections. There are nice livable camps out there with all the amenities for them that these refugees could go to. I don’t know why our government won’t look in to these camps.


  3. Does anyone here actually know how the vetting of the Syrian refugees is being done?

    You are wrong in assuming that these Refugees are being given Canadian citizenship without going through the procedures to do so!

    You are wrong in assuming that Canada is like Germany! The refugees are not flooding into Canada! They are being vetted by the CSIS agents outside of Canada!

    All the Syrian refugees are being sponsored by individual groups such as Church organizations, companies and businesses, citizens. When being sponsored…the sponsors are responsible for the refugees in their care, financially! Yes, the refugees are being brought into Canada on flights by the government….but we are not giving them anything more at this time. They get free health care, housing etc. via their sponsors…not the government!

    Canada does not have ethnic ghettoes…..it actually is legislated that each community must be ethnically diverse! No ethnic group can be in the majority! It’s been this way since the 1980’s when the Chretien government was in power and the ethnic war was taking place in Vancouver B.C. between the Sikhs and the Hindus.

    Harper already looked into the refugee camps that Canada is bringing refugees from. Don’t be guided by what the media and the turdeau government is saying….

    Turd-boy won’t get his 25,000 by March 1st! It just is not possible! The vetting process that is already in place takes more time than what the liberals think! CSIS agents are doing the vetting according to all the criteria, protocols and procedures that were in place under the Harper government!

    I do wish though that those who are posting articles would actually quit saying that Canada is like Germany! WE AREN”T!! Canada is not letting refugees flood Canada without any vetting! ALL Syrian refugees are being processed outside of Canada! Canada is vetting those from three of the camps in Turkey and Jordan. Canada is taking in Syrian refugees who are Christian, Jewish, Yazidi, Kurd and a few of the other minority Islamic sects that are being decimated by ISIS.

    Until turdeau and his camp of idiots actually get down to work and change the legislation as to how Canada allows refugees in…..Canada will be following the same procedures and such as when Harper was bringing them in.

    • I appreciate your lengthy comments Angel Warrior, and salute your evident dislike of “Turdeau”, but we need to get something straight here, now. The Liberals will have their 25,000 and they will accomplish it within the time constraints they have set down. Trudeau’s reputation depends on it. To prove that their party is ‘competent’ in their altruistic aims, the stringent vetting you described will most certainly fall apart (I’m sure any existing standards have already deteriorated significantly if they ever were as rigid as you describe… which I doubt). From there the Liberals, to make themselves look even more saintly, will probably try for another 25,000 refugees. Then another… and another. Why stop when you’re ahead? asks the compulsive gambler.

      But my point was never that the vetting methods are poor (as they surely are) or non-existent, nor would I care if the vetting consisted of 100-year background checks or involved waterboarding and a shot of Amobarbital to prove that each Syrian had no terrorist affiliations. I don’t care if the vetting takes place outside Canada, or if the almighty CSIS is in charge of the whole farce (I don’t trust CSIS any more than I do any other federal agency) or if the Syrians are the nicest, most non-radicalized Muslim people you’d ever care to meet. And I don’t care if they are all, to the last man, being sponsored privately by ‘citizens’. Like the so-called sponsoring citizens themselves, the refugees will quickly learn to rip the system and will take full advantage of our health care, our subsidized housing, and, in short, our ample nanny state.

      My opinion is that Canada should be allowing no refugees… from anywhere on the planet… period. Canada has more than enough ‘diversity’ already and does not need more sad sacks to give the place character. Indeed, the Anglophones and Francophones have never managed any sort of real equitable coexistence, and the unrest between the Canadian ‘First Nations’ population and the rest of Canada finishes the equation. Our out of control immigration system will see to the thorough eradication of any cultural solidarity eventually, I’m sure. But let’s not expedite the whole process by bringing people in wholesale and throwing away every last shred of national unity we might still possess.

      Canada is not a welcome mat for every country experiencing hardship, despite what the Liberals and the bleeding hearts believe. It ought never be the responsibility of our government to try and solve the world’s dilemmas by shipping people in and calling it “Canadian Spirit”. You’re right that we are not Germany, but we need to start learning from our European neighbours. Germany is finished, and their country ruined thanks to the hard work of their Bolshevik puppet government. Germany is now a demographic time bomb, and there are so few true Germans left that soon Deutschland will be pronounced Darveshlima. If anything, we are far too similar to the doomed people of Germany in all the wrong ways and need to wake up.

      And by the way, Canada does have ethnic ghettos that reflect our swift immolation at the altar of multiculturalism. Look to any of the major Canadian cities and you will find ethnic areas that are too dangerous to walk through, communities in which nobody speaks either of Canada’s two official languages, and areas in which the migrant populations have planted a flag and remade in the image of their own hellish native lands. I say, STOP IT NOW!

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