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Trudeau Fall


On the morning of January 20th John McCallum, the ‘Honourable’ Liberal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship announced that four major Canadian cities are demanding a reprieve from the Syrian refugee onslaught. Basically, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Halifax have stated outright that their benevolence can accommodate no further refugees in their municipalities. “The people in charge of resettling refugees… have requested a temporary pause in the flow of Syrian refugees because of the lack of available temporary and permanent housing.” [1]

The upshot is that these four cities, long recognized as dumping grounds for Canadian immigrants and refugees, are tapped out. They can no longer afford to provide sanctuary to the multitudes being flown in on the unending airbus flights in order to meet the Liberal agendas. In other words, “there’s no more room at the inn”. They were cautious, however, to preserve politically correct appearances, mouthing that they still really wanted to take them, but could not follow through without standards slipping. The will was strong, but the body weak.

Liberals were not to be dissuaded from their altruistic optimism, however. On January 21st it was declared, as noted in Anthony Furey’s article Grits should learn from refugee pause, “It appears much of the volume of arrivals will be redirected to communities in Quebec, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan” [2] (interestingly, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall had called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to “suspend” his Syrian refugee plan completely in the past). “The government remains confident it is on track to hit its target of welcoming 25,000 Syrian refugees by March 1st.”

So, in other words, why stop and examine what you’re doing when some of the largest Canadian cities have already reached their capacity? Let’s just keep moving forward while ignoring reality in order to meet an unrealistic and destructive deadline. The Liberals feel compelled to push the envelope of Canada’s ability to assimilate everything thrown at it.

This is a direct parallel, albeit on a much less astonishing scale, to recent events occurring in Germany. Germany you may recall, welcomed in 964,574 new migrants in 2015, 484,000 of whom came from Syria. [3] The mayor of Landshut Bavaria, Peter Dreier, decided on January 15th that his town had also reached its threshold, that it was burgeoning with Syrians and could not accept any more. As a retaliation for the open door policies of his government and the Syrian tide washing over his beloved home, he redirected a bus containing 31 Syrian refugees to Angela Merkel’s Chancellery in downtown Berlin. He called it an “act of desperation” and hoped to send a clear message that some restraint was needed, that enough was enough, and that the Bürokraten had finally gone too far. [4] 

Much like Canada’s Liberals, Germany’s socialist regime responded in kind with platitudes and by redirecting responsibility back to the frantic mayor himself. Merkel’s spokesperson Steffen Seibert explained that the refugees were the responsibility of the local government, that Landshut and other Bavarian municipalities had been given federal funding and therefore needed to follow through on their end of the bargain. In Faustian terms, they had been paid, so they just needed deal with it and shut up. In the end the busload of Syrians remained in Berlin, although Mayor Dreier ended up paying the bill for their hotel accommodations out of pocket until other arrangements could be made. German reporters were prevented from interviewing the Syrian bus occupants and efforts were made to downplay the incident in the media.

Steffen Seibert gave a rhetorical statement reminiscent of Trudeau himself saying, “The government is aware that the current number of refugees is posing significant challenges throughout Germany and especially in Bavaria,” [5] How quaint: instead of calling it what it is, namely, a problem or a demographic disaster, Seibert chose the words “significant challenge”. He then went on to say that Germans must simply tolerate it; or as the British wartime posters used to read, keep calm and carry on.

Trudeau seems to share many commonalities with Merkel. Neither leader seems to realize that their nation is in crisis, that their respective countries have vastly overextended their generosity. Both seem incapable of abating the flood they have helped bring about despite all the warning signs and protests. In a recent poll, approximately 40% of Canadians expressed concern that the Liberals were moving too fast in their rush to expedite Syrians into our country [6]. Neither Trudeau nor Merkel seem to care about public opinion for their foolhardy actions, and the leftist media helps downplay all of it.

But let’s get serious here. The ploy to mainline 25,000 Syrians into the Canadian bloodstream before the end of March is pure folly. Even if it weren’t another example of the left’s ongoing mission to bring as many unskilled, uneducated and culturally dissimilar Muslim dependents into the country as possible, the cost and logistics of the venture are simply staggering. “The cost of the Liberal government’s plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees has been pegged at $1.2 billion over the next six years” [7] This differed sharply from original Liberal predictions, that at first estimated it might cost a mere 678 Million federally.

But the common people seem oblivious to the cost, both monetarily and culturally. These same fools that greeted the first Syrians to Calgary while waving signs touting “Love is all you need” and “I choose love” [8] are game for whatever the Liberals can dream up. Ever higher numbers of refugees of all varieties is the agenda of the day. Tamil Tigers? Bring ‘em on too. [9] More and faster seems to be the general sentiment. Incredibly, 28% of Canadians think the Liberals ought to allow more Syrians than we have already committed to [10], that we ought to be doing more for the poor, troubled civilians of Syria. These are the same people who voted for empty headed change, for progressiveness, the ones that couldn’t stand Harper and thought that his stingy plan to bring only 10,000 Syrian refugees to Canada was as an example of racism. If Harper wanted 10,000, then let’s double it plus five, they howled.

Meanwhile the Canadian media cannot stop flogging the Syrian feel good stories to help everyone assuage any ill feelings towards our new compatriots. Justin Trudeau made headlines by personally welcoming the first shipment of Syrians to Toronto on December 12th, 2015. “You are home”, he said, “welcome home”. “Tonight they step off the plane as refugees, but they walk out of this terminal as permanent residents of Canada. With social insurance numbers. With health cards and with an opportunity to become full Canadians,” he said. [11] I find it interesting that he chose to mention health cards while welcoming the Syrians to our country. Perhaps he should have dispensed with the subtlety, donned a basher hat [12] and a cane and simply bellowed “come get your free health care here folks!” The incident warmed everyone’s hearts and helped to increase Trudeau’s Facebook and Twitter popularity yet again. I know I myself got a lump in my throat.

More recently, in Calgary, the media featured an even more saccharine headline. The Syrian’s first toboggan ride. Braving the cold, inhospitable weather, 35 of Calgary’s Syrians took to the slopes to enjoy some good old fashioned Canadian fun. Bedecked in donated toques and mittens, the Syrian kids embraced a Canadian cliché with the help of CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society) representatives, who undoubtedly staged the whole event. The socialist rag The Metro described it as a “Joyful first go” at a “Canadian Pastime”. Saba Amro, an interpreter volunteer with CCIS was quoted:

“It’s pretty amazing,” she said, as tears began to well in her eyes. “People can find resiliency — especially in kids — and get out and enjoy themselves. It’s something really simple.” [13]

My God, can someone please get these people some double doubles with a shot of maple syrup to warm up? Meet the Syrians. They’re just like you and I, but Syrian, mostly Muslim, and broke. Oh, and they don’t speak any English and could be sleeper terrorists. You paid to bring them here, and you will continue to pay for their welfare and maintenance.

I, for one, am of the opinion that Canada, facing imminent economic decline in the years to come, should look to its own struggling cities and population and stop the farce that the Liberals are peddling. Already failing to accommodate the Syrian influx, how are municipalities supposed to absorb and assimilate the sheer number of bodies expected of them without becoming ghettos along the way? It’s time that sense and reason begins to prevail over warm, fuzzy feelings pushed by our corrupt socialist media. Canada needs to start using some restraint, and realize that $1.2 billion thrown to the wind is money that not we, but our children will be forced to repay.

Let’s stop fooling ourselves. Canada cannot solve the third world’s problems by simply bringing the persecuted and impoverished here via free of charge air flights and then bestowing full citizenship upon them like some tawdry friendship token. Although the media would have us believe that many of the immigrants are sponsored, thereby not a burden on the welfare state, you may rest assured that what these people will contribute to our society will be far outweighed by what they take from us.