One comment on “Indians Will Be Indians… So Say The Leftists

  1. It is important to note that the “oppressive cultural conditions” defense used in the drunk driving killing of Orion Hutchinson is completely improper due to the fact that RCMP corporal BENJAMIN MONTY ROBINSON was raised in privileged conditions on the Osoyoos Indian Reserve, one of the most wealthy and progressive reserves in Canada. There was much criticism of the strategy.
    Further; he had no history of “alcoholism” until it became convenient to use as a defense.
    Additionally ….he was NEVER CONVICTED [not even for running a stop sign] in any way for causing this persons death THAT HE ADMITTED TO – only for obstruction of justice and a very minor sentence. I don’t know how the victims family and loved ones can sleep at night knowing that this increadably pathetic excuse for a man walks free. I couldn’t – thank God it’s not me …….
    Please note that he was on suspension from work WITH FULL PAY FOR FIVE YEARS while the trials were dragged out. He was know to have had to travel back from tropical locations for court appearances.

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