One comment on “This Week Tonight March 24

  1. The problem is not the immigrants, they’re just askin’. Anyone might do the same if they thought anyone was actually listening.
    The problem is the stupid Canadian people that actually listen to them and then go so far as too allow their ridiculous, medieval requests.

    And, even worse, those that demand retribution from those that vocally oppose their requests.

    And then, furthermore, those Canadians that agree that there should be retribution. WTF?

    When some heathen shows up for a citizenship ceremony or traffic ticket hearing in her Halloween outfit, tell her to ‘f*** off’. And that’s that.

    We’re the stupid ones.

    And who the hell ever watched that “mosque” show? Ever? Even once. I have asked around and have never found ANYONE. So who are the vocal MINORITY that makes these things happen?

    Seems obvious to me, but I’m just a dinosaur ……..

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