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From the editors here at Right Wing Nation, we would just like to extend our congratulations to Marine Le Pen and her party the ‘Front National‘ on their historic win.

The far right party polled a historic 25% of votes in the European elections, and is now officially France’s top party on the European stage.

Le Pen responded boldly to her win at her Paris headquarters with a gripping speech:

“The people have spoken. 

Our people demand one type of politics: they want French politics by the French, for the French, with the French. They don’t want to be led any more from outside, to submit to outside laws.

The sovereign people have proclaimed loud and clear that they want to take back their destiny into their own hands.

We must build another Europe, a Europe of free and sovereign nations and freely decided cooperation. Tonight is a massive rejection of the European Union.

If Germany has become the economic heart of Europe, through the incompetence and weakness of our leaders, then France has been and will be the political heart of Europe. What is happening in France signals what will happen in all European countries; the return of the nation.

To all those French who voted for us, I say that the battle for the greatness of France should unite us in the rediscovered love of our country.”

The ‘Front National‘ has vowed to close France’s borders, stop the free roaming of the Roma, foreign delinquents, cheap foreign labour, to reject the Euro with the return to the Franc, end free trade agreements with America and to “defend, in all circumstances, our values, our identity, our traditions and our way of life”.

We at RWN look with great anticipation and excitement towards your future endeavours;  may your imminent successes influence our own government to strive towards equally bright horizons.

Vive La France!



Media Induced Hysteria. Seemingly the drug of choice for mobs of self-righteous crusaders as of late. Injecting it like heroin into the vein, they set forth to clumsily bludgeon their ideas of what society and culture should be  into the hearts and minds of the people.

In a contemporary world where any private conversation, email, text, minor political contribution or viewpoint not aligned with acceptable modern thinking can be cherry picked and used as fuel by hysterical zealots, we all have good reason to be concerned.

The most recent example is, of course, the now infamous Donald Sterling. In case you’ve managed to be unplugged from any form of media in the past week, Sterling is an NBA franchise owner who was recently (illegally) recorded having a private conversation with his girlfriend.

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