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  1. Um, I dont mean to sound stupid here, but didn’t Mayor Dave approve the Peace Bridge?

    Estimated at less than $25 million each, it was generally seen as a small amount amid other city megaprojects. One month of west LRT work costs more.
    Bronconnier’s name hardly ever appears in the hundreds of internal documents the Herald has obtained on this matter. But many city officials highlight his role.
    “It was Bronco. Always been Bronco,” said Mac Logan, who was director of transportation infrastructure before succeeding Hubbell as GM in 2010.
    “He was the sponsor, let’s say. We wouldn’t have done this if he wasn’t prepared to support it.”

    I thought the bridge was 1/2 done with construction when Nenshi was voted in

    • Excuse me, but would not the inception of Nenshi’s Mayorship been a good time for him to prove his “financial conservativism” by canning a project carried forward from the past? You’re correct that the bridge was conceived during the Bronconnier administration, but Nenshi was fully in control during the completion of ‘the most expensive footbridge ever conceived’ and did indeed greenlight its perpetuation. He could easily have thrown the brakes on the thing immediately after his election on October 18th. Assembly of the bridge pieces started in fall 2010 and the bridge was not actually moved across the Bow River until November 2010. The bridge, originally supposed to be opened in the fall of 2010, opened to the public on March 24, 2012, plenty of time for Nenshi to prove a point. But then, that is my point. He doesn’t excel on action, only words.

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