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Well, it looks like Nenshi is going to win by a landslide – at least that’s what the experts predict.
But something that has the experts scratching their heads is “why?”.

What’s baffling to many economists, watchdogs, aldermen (soon to be titled ‘Councillors’, thanks to our tax dollars), and other experts is how Nenshi has such a shining public opinion.

The answer is simple –
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On October 21, 2013 Calgary will host its municipal elections once more. Calgary will elect a new Mayor, and, most likely, will change nothing at all. Apathetically opting for more of the same, Calgary seems predestined to re-elect an ineffectual, effeminate talking head. ‘Na-heed The Head’, as I have come to refer to him, will in all probability be re-elected. I, however, will not be among those who help to vote him in… and neither should you.

October 18, 2010 marked the Mayoral election of a “wonkish, even dorky, academic and visible minority” [1] Naheed Nenshi. Few could have predicted the outcome of the election, a three way donnybrook between Ric McIver, Barb Higgins and Naheed Nenshi. Starting his campaign with a paltry eight per cent support, Nenshi was an unlikely champion with his ‘Purple Revolution’ and hideous smile. And yet, with the assistance of a split vote, a barrage of social networking, and a strong appeal to ‘younger voters’, Nenshi went on to defy all odds to become the 36th Mayor of Calgary. Upon announcement of his victory at a local dive bar, Nenshi was quoted as saying “If you have never heard the sound of a city collectively losing its mind, you needed to be in that bar.”

This statement, I find, is aptly ironic.
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