3 comments on “Suzuki Gets It Right… Partly

  1. These statements by Dr Suzuki could not have come at a better time. With our Canada as we know slowly being swallowed un in the ever growing and what some people think is great Multi Culturalism. It is bad enough we have to bow to what Quebec wants, now we bow to the ever growing Multi Culturism circle. When will it stop.
    Well written by the poster and well said by Dr Suzuki…….

  2. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. The truth is that the truth is inadvertently discovered by the leftists. Sooner or later, reality mugs those who believe in idealistic notions. There was a time when I believed all that leftist bilge but now I know better. Studying history has shown me what works and what doesn’t. I found that capitalism, not socialism, improves the lot of the citizenry. I discovered that socialists have no higher standard than themselves, making lying permissible if it supports one’s position. Conservatives, in general, hold to a higher standard which guides their view of reality. Let’s hope and pray that other naive socialists are mugged by the facts and turn from their utopian fantasies.

    • You’re absolutely right Bruce. It’s bizarre how Capitalism is stigmatized as standing for selfishness and greed when, in actuality, it’s Socialism that makes people the most ruthless and avaricious. Liberals are the first to turn on each other when the ‘free’ programs and subsidies start to disappear. There have been studies hypothesizing that liberalism is actually a form of mental illness. Conservative Capitalists are the only people generating wealth, building structure and enforcing justice in this insane world we live in.

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