Coming soon to a city street near you… Sunday September 4th, 2016 will witness Calgary’s 26th annual “Pride Parade”, and it promises to the biggest, and most colourfully flamboyant to date. This year Pride Calgary is thrilled to have received special permission to close additional roads, allowing for “100+ entries to participate”. Also (as was the case in 2015), the celebration will take place primarily on “9th Avenue, the same place where the Calgary Stampede parade occurs every year!” [1]. This change “will allow for bigger and better parade entries, as well as increased safety for spectators and participants.” [2]

Numbers just keep swelling, if you’ll pardon the double entendre, and organizers figger on biggering and biggering and buggering… our sensibilities… once more. The event promises to be a delightful affair, a wondrously gay experience for all, even those unaffiliated with the “cause”. There’s a revitalized family zone, where children of all ages can frolic on a massive bouncy slide, navigate an obstacle course and work on free crafts to boot. Rae Spoon, the transgender electronic-influenced indie rock and folk punk musician, will be the Grand Marshall this year. Is it a man or a woman? Nobody knows, least of all he / she. [3] The rainbow bus will be rolled out once more, a garish $9000 limo paid for paid for by you and by me, by Calgary Transit, Pattison Outdoor and Pride Calgary.

They no longer call it the Gay Pride Parade, of course, for this could be viewed as restrictive, maybe even exclusive or abusive sounding. We’ve moved beyond the boundaries encompassed by the word ‘gay’, it’s just not a big enough word. Although the word ‘gay’ has been forever ruined in the traditional literal sense, it’s now a bit passé in the queer sense. There’s a whole new way of seeing nowadays, and a new list of new letters to memorize: LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer). Can anyone explain the difference between gay and queer? Can homosexuals? More letters appear every year, and we can certainly look forward to adding ‘P’ for Pedophiles [4], and ‘F’ for Furverts [5] in the not too distant future. At the rate things are going we may well also add ‘M’ for masturbators (who one day soon, we can only pray, will be allowed to marry their hands.)
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Foreign Aid Cartoon


Today I would like to discuss in greater detail something I’ve written briefly of once before. Namely, the out of control foreign aid and international support systems patronized by the Canadian Government by way of the federal agency formerly known as C.I.D.A. (the Canadian International Development Agency). C.I.D.A. was eventually amalgamated with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (D.F.A.I.T.) on April 5, 2013 and then aptly renamed Global Affairs Canada two years later. [1] In my opinion “Global Affairs Canada” (or whatever ridiculous name it may choose to go by in the future) is an unstoppable headless blunder that demonstrates virtually no accountability to Canadian taxpayers.

In my article, Earned Not Granted, I spoke of the dilemma inherent to the Canadian Federal Government throwing alms to the third world with little prudence and seemingly no restraint while Canada is figuratively foundering in debt. Basically, I argued, (to quote myself) that, ahem:

“The Canadian Government should play no role whatsoever in foreign relief” and that “Canada needs to cease and desist with all forms of foreign aid until our own debts are paid in full. To do otherwise can in no way be viewed as positive benevolence. In reality, such behavior can only be viewed as a criminal act, perpetuated by our federal government against its own inhabitants.” [2]

I believe this today as ardently today as I did back in July 2013, more so as time wears on, and Canada becomes progressively weaker financially, slipping on banana peel after banana peel, growing more and more politically enfeebled. It’s time that we, as a nation, begin to take responsibility for our government’s frivolous spending habits, balance our books and disassemble the foreign aid money wasting machine.
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As the 42nd General Election began, those Canadians who were weary after nearly a decade of the Harper government and ready for change stared off into the distance and saw the orange-hued promise of a New Democratic Party government in waiting. As they made the long, arduous, 78 day trek toward Election Day, they got a closer look and realized what they had seen was merely a mirage.

How the NDP went from being Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition with a record 102 seats following the 2011 election to returning to their historical third-party place in both the House of Commons and the minds of the Canadian electorate is a question that will be examined by pundits and politicos for years to come. There are many theories as to why and how this occurred but I believe I can provide unique insight from my own personal experiences with the party.

In the 2015 federal election I attempted to seek the nomination for the NDP in the riding of West Nova, a beautiful part of Nova Scotia where I’m proud to have grown up and have deep roots. Before Canadians had cast their ballots however, I had left the party due to stark disagreements with their core ideology, clashes over values and policy with their most ardent acolytes and my appalling experiences during the nomination process. Before I get to that story, I first want to explain how the NDP initially seemed appealing enough for me to attempt to seek public office carrying their banner. I will then explain why they are not what they claim to be and how they lost my confidence and ultimately the confidence of the Canadian people.

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