At the recent Green Party policy convention, the membership voted to make support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel official party policy. Much has been said about this in the media and by various political talking-heads, but as an ordinary Canadian who strongly supports the state of Israel and is passionately opposed to BDS, I want to put my thoughts on record as well.

I firmly believe the BDS movement is nothing more than a vehicle for anti-Semitism. It seeks to censor and blacklist innocent Israelis without cause. It sides with the terrorists and regressive Islamist fanatics who deny Israel’s right to exist. It is blatantly discriminatory. It is not an appropriate vehicle to achieve a two-state solution with Palestine as its proponents purport; instead it is a direct attack on the only secular liberal democracy in the Middle East, an island of freedom in a sea of tyranny.

Canada’s Greens are on the wrong side of history on this issue. In February, Parliament voted strongly in favour of a motion to condemn any groups or individuals that support BDS. The motion was introduced by the Official Opposition Conservatives but received significant support from the Trudeau Liberal government.

At a time when the Green Party is on the cusp of a potential breakthrough under a reformed electoral system, it should be transitioning into a practical political party. Instead, the far-left membership commandeered the ship and voted for a policy that has sent moderate members packing and threatens to undo any progress made under Elizabeth May’s leadership. Even Ms. May herself has said she doesn’t want to lead a party that supports BDS and is reconsidering her own political future as a result. You know something’s wrong when the party leader can’t even stomach this policy and local riding associations across the country are shutting down.
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We’ve been too silent the past few months…

But with special thanks to the National Firearms Association, we’re pleased to present another RWN Editorial Cartoon. With the new Liberal Government literally plowing over and destroying all of the headway us firearms owners and lobbyists made with the former Conservative government, it’s important to maintain a strong front – get your National Firearms Association of Canada Membership today and help defend your right as a firearms owner.

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The School of Liberal Terminology




Coming soon to a city street near you… Sunday September 4th, 2016 will witness Calgary’s 26th annual “Pride Parade”, and it promises to the biggest, and most colourfully flamboyant to date. This year Pride Calgary is thrilled to have received special permission to close additional roads, allowing for “100+ entries to participate”. Also (as was the case in 2015), the celebration will take place primarily on “9th Avenue, the same place where the Calgary Stampede parade occurs every year!” [1]. This change “will allow for bigger and better parade entries, as well as increased safety for spectators and participants.” [2]

Numbers just keep swelling, if you’ll pardon the double entendre, and organizers figger on biggering and biggering and buggering… our sensibilities… once more. The event promises to be a delightful affair, a wondrously gay experience for all, even those unaffiliated with the “cause”. There’s a revitalized family zone, where children of all ages can frolic on a massive bouncy slide, navigate an obstacle course and work on free crafts to boot. Rae Spoon, the transgender electronic-influenced indie rock and folk punk musician, will be the Grand Marshall this year. Is it a man or a woman? Nobody knows, least of all he / she. [3] The rainbow bus will be rolled out once more, a garish $9000 limo paid for paid for by you and by me, by Calgary Transit, Pattison Outdoor and Pride Calgary.

They no longer call it the Gay Pride Parade, of course, for this could be viewed as restrictive, maybe even exclusive or abusive sounding. We’ve moved beyond the boundaries encompassed by the word ‘gay’, it’s just not a big enough word. Although the word ‘gay’ has been forever ruined in the traditional literal sense, it’s now a bit passé in the queer sense. There’s a whole new way of seeing nowadays, and a new list of new letters to memorize: LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer). Can anyone explain the difference between gay and queer? Can homosexuals? More letters appear every year, and we can certainly look forward to adding ‘P’ for Pedophiles [4], and ‘F’ for Furverts [5] in the not too distant future. At the rate things are going we may well also add ‘M’ for masturbators (who one day soon, we can only pray, will be allowed to marry their hands.)
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